orchid survive in that type of container?

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orchid survive in that type of container?

Сообщение Jennermack » 23 апр 2018, 08:00

Hi everyone,

I was hoping to make a homemade Christmas gift and what I would like to do is make a homemade Terrarium using a wine bottle (I have gotten one that is clear glass so light should not be a problem). I was hoping I could get suggestions on what type of plant to put in it (and where to get said plant). Ideally it would be a flowering plant would an orchid survive in that type of container? Otherwise something colorful would still look nice.
I have read that the best way to grow would be to have gravel at the bottom for drainage followed by nutrient rich soil and to water a couple ounces once a month would that be accurate?

Please help.

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Thank you.

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