my new Monstera?

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my new Monstera?

Сообщение Jennermack » 23 апр 2018, 07:58

Hi everyone,

I purchased a beautiful Monstera the other day that had roots coming out of its 10 inch growers pot. When I attempted to remove it from that pot to put in the next size up, I couldn’t get it out and had to cut the pot away. Needless to say, it was totally root bound. Even though I had given it a thorough soaking the other day, parts of the root mass were dry i guess because water wasn’t flowing through. I ended up pruning the roots and rinsing away as much of the old soil that I could and Replanted it in the larger pot. Now I’m having second thoughts about what I did.

Please help.

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References: ... nstera#n=1
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Thank you.

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